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Cialis for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction. An erection is the inability to achieve intercourse due to the relaxation of the penis. Cialis fills with blood the penis due to which it becomes solid. Cialis is effective 36 hours and it is possible to achieve comfortable sexual intercourse at any time within 36 hours. Cialis also works not only short, but also is a drug that treats this disease. Works on the principle of relaxation of the soft walls of the penis and empowers your penis.

Medicine does not stand still. In the era of science and new technologies are developed new methods of treating any problem. Hundreds of years in the treatment of erectile dysfunction was an important moment in medicine. People were willing to incur thousands or hundreds of thousands, that would cure this disease. Turned to folk medicine, to the Chinese, which was based on painful methods of treatment. To operations and internal interference, which proceeded sometimes quite painful. But we are given a wonderful drug called Cialis. Cialis is the success and strength for all men. This preparation began to develop in the early 90s, as an improved version of a well known medicine Viagra. Viagra was quite side effects and gave stress on the heart. As an improved version and developed the drug Cialis. People have long forgotten about alternative therapies

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    Because before 2000 years people treated by other methods, which have reached thousands of dollars. Their efficiency was very low. Why Cialis became leaders in the treatment of male disease? In principle, any product, or the product can be used on a long over himself only when it works very effectively and cures the problem. Treatment Silage very fast. No need to wait for years. Let's start with the fact that Cialis work after you swallowed the pill. After 30 minutes, starting to dissolve in the body gives the first effect, after another 30 minutes the tablet will dissolve in the body and provide maximum effect. Many patients had forgotten that such sexual intercourse, some receive the opportunity of sexual intercourse, but can't achieve orgasm because their penis relaxed. Desire (libido) is great, but a physical problem takes over your. It does not matter if you have Cialis. Causes of erectile dysfunction: the Main reasons that most often it's emotional. Although a lot of men in the World think that the main reason is their age. But most often there are emotional disorders. Stress, strife, conflict, tense situation at work or at home, or emotional fatigue. And sometimes it may take many months for the successful recovery of potency. It's the same physical problem. People suffering from diabetes have a predisposition to Erectile dysfunction. And at times in 20 years cannot achieve good sexual intercourse. But in dealing with this disease is Cialis.